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Started in 2006 by Jonathan and Mark Jacobson, Broder Homes has built well over two hundred custom houses in Central Alberta. We have recently created a strong presence in the multi-family market, with the Henner’s Village (link) town home project underway, and several more projects in the works!

If someone were to summarize Broder Homes in a sentence, it would read something like this “Broder Homes truly cares.” We care deeply about our employees and tradesmen, our community, our product, and of course – our customers. When you hire a company that has a genuine interest in the well-being of all those it interacts with, the end result is a product that everyone feels happy about – the builder, the customer, and everyone who had a hand in constructing your home.

Recently, Broder Homes teamed up with the City of Lacombe to create an unprecedented opportunity for people in need of affordable housing to enter the market as home owners – not renters. Called the DPAP (Down Payment Assistance Program), the program provides the down payment for fourteen qualified buyers to purchase a townhome in the Henner’s Village.

Jonathan Jacobson
Owner & General Manager

Jonathan Jacobson provides the vision and direction for Broder Homes. His pursuit of excellence has put Broder Homes on the map. He doesn’t want to build the most homes, he wants to build the best homes.

Denny Gualbance

He left the sunny beaches of Trinidad and Tobago to come to Canada and sell Broder houses — that is true commitment! Specializing in single family custom home sales, Denny’s background in engineering ensures that no questions go unanswered, and potential customers are thoroughly educated on both the home they are buying, and what goes in it.

Neil Irwin

An abundance of energy, and a never ending fountain of ideas – that is Neil Irwin. With over thirty years’ experience in sales, Neil has brings a seasoned yet fresh perspective to the Broder Homes sales team. Specializing in multi-family and down payment assisted homes, Neil truly cares about helping people become home owners.

Chris Adams
Operations Manager

Chris Adams is the man who brings your home to life. He is an accomplished tradesman who has been with Broder Homes from the very beginning. Chris works diligently to make sure quality and care is put into every phase of the build.

Peter Thompson
Assistant Operations Manager

Peter just loves Broder Homes. Having bought two Broder houses, he decided the next logical step was to come work for us! If you’re a Broder customer, you’ll be seeing Peter from time to time as he co-ordinates all our customer service, as well as assists Chris with building operations.

Jeff Stevens

The last thing Jeff wants is the spotlight, but we don’t mind making him uncomfortable every now and again – only because we like to brag about what a great job he does! There are a million little things that need to be taken care of during your build that fall outside the scope of tradesmen work, and Jeff is there to take care of it. Building decks, installing windows, changing the locks on your doors – Jeff can handle it all.

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