Build Your Dream Home

​Our homes are designed to fit your timeline and budget without compromising your must-haves. Whatever you have your heart set on for your new home, we can help.

Browse our completed custom home builds below to see what’s possible when you work with Broder Homes.

  • 100% Custom Design
  • Quality Construction
  • Open Communication
  • Affordable & Timely

What You Can Expect

Many people think custom = expensive, but our process considers your needs and limitations right from the start. We will do what we can to accommodate what you want in your home, and we won’t limit to you to one or two options to choose from. We are also realistic though, and we will tell you immediately if something won’t work the way you envisioned. After that, we’ll give you advice based on our experience.

We are different in how we approach our projects, but each one starts the same way: an honest conversation. Your new home needs to suit your lifestyle, and in order for us to build it to fit you, we need to understand your budget, timeline, expectations, and needs.

From there, every decision you need to make for your house is done before we ever start construction. You can choose to modify one of our existing floor plans or come to us with nothing more than idea. Our team works with you to draw up a house plan within your budget based on what you want. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with it, we will go back to the drawing board as many times as we need until you’re sure of the layout.

Once you have your layout chosen, we get your interior selected. Choosing things like your flooring and countertops before we sign your contract means you will have an exact quote on the cost of your home. We don’t give you budget ranges for different aspects of your house — we give you to-the-cent numbers based on your choices within your overall budget. This gives you total control over what goes in your home, and it means you’ll never be stuck with a last-minute bill when construction ends.

If you’re ready to to move into a home built with you in mind, our custom homes are the best choice for you. Our collaborative approach gives you the confidence you want that your investment in a new home was the right one.