Luxury Homes to Suit Your Needs

When you build with us, we will do whatever we can within your timeline and budget to give you a house you can be proud to own for years to come.

Broder Homes expanded into the multi-family housing market because we believe everyone deserves to have a high-quality home that suits their needs. We built our first 3-bedroom townhouse condominiums in Henner’s Village in Lacombe. This gives first-time buyers or those looking to downsize a unique opportunity to purchase a new house at an affordable price without compromising on quality or amenities.

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2.5 Bathrooms
  • High-Quality Finishes
  • Spacious & Affordable

What Sets Our Townhomes Apart

A lot of people think you need to compromise on style, space, and quality with a townhome, but that is not the case with Broder Homes.

Our multi-family homes are spacious enough to accommodate a growing family and luxurious enough to provide a custom experience without the cost of building a new single-family house.

Buying a pre-built townhouse gives you the high-end finishes you’d want from a custom home. If you choose to build brand new, you have a few more options for your interior.

What You Can Expect

Buying a new home is a big investment, and to ensure we give you the house that best suits your needs and wants, we spend a lot of time with you up-front.

The process we follow for our multi-family homes is not much different than what you would get if you wanted a custom home. We start every project by getting to know our clients so we have a solid understanding of who they are, what they want, and how we can make it happen.

When you buy a quick possession townhome, you can choose to upgrade or change the existing finishes. We will work with you to determine the best options to fit your timeline and budget. If you choose to build new, you pick what goes into your home before we start construction on it. This means you get an accurate, to-the-cent quote on your home — no budget ranges for flooring, but actual costs of the flooring you choose. Whether you choose a quick possession home or want to customize your interior, we can give you the best option to suit your needs. Visit our Build Process page to learn more about what you can expect when you build a new house with us.