Your Dream Home, Wherever You Want It

​Broder Homes builds high-quality homes in several great Central Alberta communities, but that doesn't mean you have to choose one of them for your home.

Certain communities can draw people in for a variety of reasons, and we want to know what your reasons are so we can get you the right lot to meet your needs. We never want you to feel like you have to compromise on the style or location of your new house. If your heart is set on a certain community, we will make it happen for you.

When you already know where you want to build your new house, the next step is having an in-depth conversation with us about what you want that house to be. You can choose to customize your house in any way you want, whether you have an existing floor plan in mind or want to build a spec home with minor adjustments.

We don’t carry an inventory of lots in communities besides Blackfalds, Clive, and Lacombe, so once we know what kind of house you want, we will find you a lot that suits your needs.

What You Can Expect

Our build process differs from other Central Alberta home builders. Most home builders will give you budget ranges for things within your home, but we get everything chosen and set before we ever start construction. This means that you know exactly, to the cent, how much your house is going to cost you before we start building it. No surprise bills at the end and no uncertainty during construction.

Designing Your Dream Home

When you find the perfect lot for your new home, you want a house to match. We will work with your budget, timeline, and property to build you the perfect home. Our floor plans can help you draw inspiration for your new house, but we are happy to get started if you already know what you’re looking for.


Open communication and honesty are the foundation of every Broder Homes project.

Up-Front Involvement

We invest our time in getting to know you and what you want, need, and expect.

Exact Quotes

Decisions are made before construction starts so you know exactly, to the cent, what your house will cost you.

Realistic Expectations

We are open and honest about what we can give you within your budget and timeline.


No decision during the build process is ever final, and if you want to change your mind, we will work to accommodate it.

Continued Input

We want you to check out your new house as it's being built, and you are not restricted to how often you want to stop by.